Sharing our Experiences

Over the years we have seen diverse experiences relating to money.  Check out our e-learning resources that help you or your loved ones make better financial decisions.

In this section you will find everything from basic information on buying Property, through to more complex business matters.


Some selection of topics are below.  If you want some information or articles please let us know.

MCP Property Guide| By David McCleery

An introductory overview of the financial, legal and other issues that surround property acquisition or investment.

Operating a Business| By David McCleery

An introductory overview of the opportunities, challenges and other issues that surround operating your own business.


We have a wide array of calculators that can assist with money, mortgage, property and other stuff.  There are a few below and ask us for anything else you need.

White Papers

The MCP “White Papers” are a range of short Financial Insights on topics that may be relevant to you.  We trust that they will stimulate some thinking or actions for you.

Debt – Options for Payment

We compare Principal & Interest and Interest Only basis of loan repayments.

Structuring Equipment Finance

Options for financing Assets.

Mortgage Offset Accounts

What are they and do they add value?

Buying “Off the Plan”

Considerations when purchasing property this way.

Global Interest Rates

Are Rates overseas still relevant?

First Home Buyer Help

We look at the changes and how Mum & Dad are helping.

Self Managed Super Funds & Gearing

A brief overview on your options.

Document Manager

We do a lot of things across the broader MCP Group. There are lots of paper and information – much of it here, though let us know what you need.

Finance Broking

Name Description Author Date  
Needs Analysis - Mortgage Fact Find to assess Preliminary Finance needs MCP Finance 30/01/2018
Credit Guide The terms of our Credit Advice. MCP Finance 12/10/2017
Preliminary Assessment Example analytical data - mortgage. MCP Finance 30/12/2017

Financial Services - Acquisitions & Valuations

Name Description Author Date  
Loan Book Valuation Example Valuation Summary Dave McCleery 12/11/2017


Name Description Author Date  
Coming Soon... Mike Poynter 09/12/2017

Commercial Finance

Name Description Author Date  
Finance - Professional Services Accountants, Financial Planners, Lawyers etc. 02/08/2017

Estate Planning

Name Description Author Date  
Estate Planning Overview Summary Mike Poynter 17/12/2017

Business Advice

Name Description Author Date  
SME Expertise Get Rhythm in your Business Dave McCleery 11/11/2017

Equipment Finance

Name Description Author Date  
Statement of Financial Position Editable PDF MCP Financial Services 10/12/2017

Superannuation & Borrowings

Name Description Author Date  
Basics of Superannuation David Payton 09/10/2017

General Insurance

Name Description Author Date  
Insurance - Professional Service Firms Accountants, Financial Planners, Lawyers etc. Paul Evans 20/12/2017

Personal Insurance

Name Description Author Date  
Life & Inome Protection Overview of Personal Insurances Mike Townshend 21/07/2017


Name Description Author Date  
Property Purchase Enter Property Purchase data here. MCP Legal 12/11/2017


Anything more you would like to see?  Let us know.