Talking to us about your Business

Whether preparing it for sale, helping you talk with your accountant, or all the things you need to do when you buy or sell it – talk to us.

You may also be looking at your options, or next steps for the business.

Options for Business Growth

Looking for growth but don’t know where to start? We can assess and walk through all your options. This might look like:

Grow your Existing Customers with the Existing Products you have

Grow your Existing Customers with the New Products you can offer

Find New Customers with the Existing Products you have

Find New Customers with New Products you can offer

Building Succession

Run a Business without a plan for what’s next?

You might benefit from a Succession Plan that protects what you have now and how you can best deal with your business in the future.  A plan like this may involve family, and some potentially difficult conversations.  Be informed about your options.

Looking to Sell?

There are over 2 Million Businesses in Australia, and many for sale at any one time.  In this competitve market, there are a number of things that you should do in presenting it for sale:

  • Get all your Administration in order!  Financial records, industry accreditations, compliance documents, leases.
  • Start planning financially a long way out – documented contracts, agreements, strip out any personal expenses etc.
  • Set realistic expectations about what your business is really worth, talk to an adviser that understands your industry and provides an objective view.
  • Understand the best channel of where to present it for sale.   Private?  Trade?  Business Broker?

The best sale outcomes we see are also where the vendor “leaves something on the table” for the new owner.  In other words, give them upside and opportunities to explore that someone with refreshed energy may be able to deliver upon.

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