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As an insurance broker, we help you understand policy details to determine the coverage you need. As well as arranging and placing cover with your chosen insurer on your behalf, we support you in making a claim.

General Insurance Broking

We help businesses, and business owners save time, money and acquire peace of mind. Our insurance brokers liaise with general insurers on your behalf.

Find General Insurance for:

Business Insurance
Protects your business for any income loss as a result of direct loss, damage, or destruction to your insured assets and property.
Public & Products Liability
Cover for legal or compensation payments resulting from injuries or property damage to your clients, suppliers or the public caused by you or one of your employees.
Property Owners
Protects real property such as warehouses, shopping centres, factories and apartment blocks and theft or damage to valuable business assets such as tools or portable equipment.
Management Liability
Protects you and your company against the risks and exposures of running your business.
Owners Corporation
Protecting Owners Corporations that are required to insure common property, public risk and every building containing an owner’s apartment or unit.
Cyber Liability
Protection for our essential use on the internet, email, computer software, data and from storing private information about your clients.
Professional Indemnity
Protection where you provide services where you are required by law to meet standards expected of your profession. “PI” can provide cover for legal costs and court penalties against you or your business.

Personal Insurance Broking

As an insurance broker with accreditations with Australia’s largest insurance companies, we help you compare and understand policy details to determine the coverage you need.

Find Personal Insurance for:

Life Insurance
In the unfortunate event of death, it provides a lump sum payment to the nominated beneficiary of the life insured.
Total & Permanent Disability
TPD pays a lump sum to you in the event of an illness or injury – resulting in permanent disablement and not being able to return to work.
Pays a lump sum on the diagnosis or occurrence of a serious medical event, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.
Income Protection
For all Income Earners, generally up to age 65. Protection of gross salary until you can work again or until the maximum benefit period.
Business Expenses
For Business Owners - covers business costs, generally for up to 12 months, if the business owner suffers an illness or injury and is unable to work.
Key Man
Capital injection to the business in the event of the involuntary departure of a director or key employee to replace lost revenue or cover a capital requirement.
For Business Owners - an agreement and funding arrangement to ensure all Directors’ needs are met in the event of the involuntary departure of one or more.

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Successfully protecting your income and assets involves planning for adversity. An insurance review can clarify the impact that unexpected circumstances such as illness, accident or death may have on you or your loved ones.

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How We Work

The information provided on this website by MCP General Insurance Unit Trust is for general information purposes only, and it is not a substitute for professional advice. You should always consider the PDS/Policy wording before deciding. Coverage may differ based on specific clauses in individual policies. Please contact us to request a copy of our services and remuneration details.

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