Medical Practitioners & Finance


The Medical Profession has long been a preferred segment for banking and finance.

There are a range of options for borrowing that fit a number of purposes. This can include established or new practices, working capital, acquisitions, property and other assets.


Competition between financiers is strong, and a number of financiers have developed segments of expertise, that have developed into specialised health teams.

This builds greater performance insights and bench-marking in the industry, allowing financiers to take a stronger lending position compared with standard credit policy that applies in other lending scenarios.

Some of the funding opportunities available include:

  • Lending of up to 95% of Market Value (“LVR”) of Practice Premises (excluding Greenfield sites).
  • Lending of up to 75% LVR for Practice Goodwill being purchased/established.
  • Pre-Approval for Equipment Finance facilities – up to circa $350,000.
  • Lending for working capital purposes on an unsecured basis.
  • Lending of up to 100% LVR to purchase Owner Occupied Residential Property.
  • Lending of up to 95% LVR to purchase Investment Residential Property.

Interest rates and terms are varied, based on the mix of facilities taken above.


  • Medical Doctors (General & Specialist)
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • General Practitioners¬†
  • Physiotherapists
  • Junior Medical Officers & Interns


  • Borrowers must generally have three (3) years professional experience.
  • Practice must meet minimum performance standards (Interest & Debt Service Cover)
  • Practitioners must be registered with relevant professional regulators.

For more information, or to talk about a scenario please contact us.

We have a diverse team that have dealt with a range of different funding scenarios in the medical industry.

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