Funding Business Assets


Credit Scored – Asset Finance

Applications can be submitted without the need for full financial data for customers meeting set criteria.

This can fund business equipment such as:

– Industrial Plant & Equipment – Lathes, Presses, Forklifts, Boom Lifts/Scissor Lifts etc.
– Earthmoving, Tractors and Agricultural Equipment.
– Medical Equipment.
– Cars, Buses, Trucks & Trailers.
– Office Equipment, Computer Hardware, POS Systems, Energy Assets (All New Only)


1. Does not apply to regulated consumer finance. ABN business entity purpose only.
2. Property must be in name of director or guarantor (property in non-director spouse name does not generally qualify)
3. Subject to satisfactory VEDA credit checks and clear ATO Tax Portal.
4. Applies only to standard and some secondary goods up to $150,000 for new customers (Higher for existing).

Cash is King?

Of the many businesses we see, so many have a less than optimal funding mix.

Many businesses show a profit, but do not have a lot of free cash flow.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Business Acqusitions funded from cashflow, draining immediate working capital for the business.

Business Assets with a short term useful life, funded via Overdrafts or interest only facilities.

Continual renewal of interest only repayment terms through refinancing or recapitalisation.

Sure, if used correctly, debt can be a great ally in the growth of your business.

However, make sure you identify how it can best work for you.